BBC Urdu Pakistan Live News بی بی سی اردو

BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation, a service that broadcast best. BBC is the world’s largest and best broadcasting channel. It is the largest International broadcaster, discuss every updates in 29 languages, Including radio station and Television News and speech. It has the world’s famous and informative news channel on which every journalist has a high caliber. In Pakistan, this channel is broadcasted in every cable operation and their journalists are also sent to Pakistan for news. They telecast every bit of news with crispy headlines. The World Service was reported to have reached 188 million people a week (TV, radio and online) on average in June 2009. The English language service broadcasts 24 hours a day. The director of BBC World Service is Francesca Unsworth and the holder and controller of this group is Mary Hockaday. They serve best. Their radio station has a high level. Their way of broadcasting is quite good. Well, everyone wants to know that its birthplace. Well, it is a production of U.K, whose availability is worldwide. Its broadcasting head office and headquarter is in London. It was first launched in 19 December 1932. So, you can see that it is so old, and it was founded at the time when this electronic media was too behind in Asia. So there early development is the best thing I can see and anyone can say that yes they deserve this success that in their field they are on top side. Previously its name was BBC Empire Service, BBC Overseas Service and External Services of the BBC. They also publish magazines sometimes that come like storm. You can see that they also telecast in Pashto as well.

Well, we went through its quarter introduction, because in introduction many things are kept. They have really progressed well. BBC Urdu News is really very good as compared to other languages. The journalists are really very experienced. Camera mans and radio mans are talented and gained experience as well. It is basically a literary Urdu Radio Station and Television News, run by BBC World Service Group. It serves in many ways. It also serves as a news portal and it also provides the online radio access that broadcasts in Urdu. It is accompanied by its website, which serves as a news portal and provides online access to radio broadcasts. It is available worldwide. It is launched in 1941. So it is launched so earlier. When Pakistan was not founded this Urdu News Channel is founded. So, early development, again a main theme. The radio service is broadcast from Broadcasting House in London as well as from a BBC bureau in Islamabad. The target audience are Urdu speakers in Pakistan. So they are also in a touch with our people like in Islamabad the foreign people comes for different type of reports. Mostly, this Urdu BBC News is broadcasted in Abu Dhabi and Europe. Its website is also helping in high rating. They have some secret missions as well that they send their reporters on a secret place from they figure out the right and wrong for an environment. Every news is translated in Urdu and it gives you a complete news in Urdu. So a well and good thing to see. Even in Urdu they also provides you, your country’s news. So a helpful area for the once who love news.